Carrageenan is Beneficial for Treating Bronchitis

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Carrageenan is Beneficial for Treating Bronchitis

Carrageenan is basically a polysaccharide which is obtained from red seaweed. The molecular composition of this seaweed is pretty similar to that of plastic. This is the reason it has managed to become popular. It can be bent but also resorts back into place. This makes it useful as an additive for gels, foams, and food.

This is being used for a long time for improving the texture of food. It is known to have been used in China in 600 BC for the first time for improving the characteristics of food. It was used for the commercial purpose in 1930 in the west. Around 80% of the seaweed is harvested in the Philippines.

What are Its Uses?

 This red seaweed extract is easy to take out, cheap, and also pretty docile. This is the reason it is used in a lot of things. You will find it in milk products particularly plant milk as it does not contain cream. The other uses are mentioned as follows.

  • Gummy products
  • Toothpaste
  • Beer
  • Shoe polish
  • Shaving cream

The list simply goes on. You will find this to be used along with guar gum, agar, and xantham gum.

Symptoms You Require Carrageenan

Having high cholesterol is one of the most significant signs that you are in need of this red seaweed extract. If you are suffering from kidney problems then this might be able to help you out. Some of the common symptoms of kidney failure are insomnia, physical weakness, and poor appetite. Inflammation caused by intestinal disorder can also be soothed by this extract. Some of the other reasons to consider this supplement are the need to maintain weight and skin grafts. However, before taking this supplement, you should not forget to take the suggestion of your healthcare provider whether it is safe or not.

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