An iPhone repair is Expensive – Why?

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One of the most common problems that iPhone users face is the high costs of iphone repair and its maintenance. In case your iPhone breaks and your phone are not under warranty, the damage won’t be covered by the warranty. In such cases you should be prepared to spend some money to get your iPhone repaired.

However, if you are thinking where this money is going and if there is any other better solution to resolve the problem. Yes, there are some

In most cases, when you face any problem with your iPhone and you need an iPhone repair you send your device to Apple directly. This cost a bit more than you expect for different reasons like transportation, logistics, original parts for replacement and labour charges. Apple is not known for being affordable on their products and when you need replacement of a particular part from Apple, you have to send your device directly to their store and of course you do need to pay a little more to get the problem resolved.

Well, if you do not want to approach Apple directly, you can also approach a third party repair shop that deals with phone repairs. Of course you need to also look into the severity of phone damage. You can get your iPhone repaired from third party repair shops as well, depending on the problem you face with your iPhone. You will save money as well as time getting the issue fixed from other mobile repair shops.

Third party repair shops will fix the issues in less time and charge you less as compared to Apple stores. There are exceptional issues too, like an iPhone screen which tends to cost a lot to the design. In case you are getting a good deal on the iPhone screen from Apple , do not think twice to pay the cost for the screen to them as at the end of the day longevity of phone matters a lot.


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